Gujarati Samaj of Sacramento (GSS)

Gujarati Samaj of Sacramento was founded on the idea that all the Gujarati’s in the greater Sacramento Area needed to have a place where they could meet, mingle, exchange ideas, celebrate festivals, teach kids about our Gujarati Heritage. A group of Gujarati’s found the Gujarati Samaj of Sacramento (GSS) in 1979, with a small membership. GSS was incorporated as a non-profit organization in November 1981. A building was purchased and converted into a temple. As the community was growing, the membership increased and there appeared a need for a bigger home. GSS hosted Shri Morari Bapu katha in 1991.

The temple location was sold in 2002 and approximately 9.5 acres of land was purchased in south Sacramento area in 2003. However, due to permitting issues and regulatory agency requirements, the land could not be developed in to a Temple and Hall area. Since than the housing market and economy has seen its ups and downs.

GSS has been functioning all along with Bhai Shri Rameshbhai Oza’s katha for a week in 2005, multiple Nataks hosted, annual Diwali Function, picnic and the star of all Navratri Garba and Raas celebrated along with other Hindu Festivals, such as Uttarayan, Shivratri, Holi, Ram Navmi, Janmatmi, and others.

GSS is growing and has a goal to have a home where everyone with every belief is welcome as contributing to the Gujarati Heritage to pass on to the next generation.

GSS welcomes you to join us for your kids, you and your parents to become part of the bigger family where everyone cares for one another.

Jai Shree Krishna
Himanshu Patel, President
On behalf of the Executive and Benefactor Committees.


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