The GSS committee holds events that has social, cultural and religious importance in our Gujarati culture. Our popular events are Uttarayan (Kite Flying), Holi (Play with colors and Holika Puja), Navratri (Mataji Aarti and Garba/Dandiya) , and Diwali. We also have picnics, bhajans, and others family friendly activities throughout the year. We also continuously try to improve by having events or activities that create interest in different age groups (Kids, Seniors, Youth etc).

We hope to keep you regularly informed with all of the necessary information to enable you to play an active role in the community. Please check out our Events page for latest updates. Help it to become successful by visiting our site regularly or subscribe to monthly newsletter for “Free”. We always look for your support and want to work together so please feel free to provide your feedback.